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The easiest way to write music scores online

Collaborative musical notation software

Collaborative experience

Write your sheet music in real time and with all your friends on the same document (even if you want to write the new Top Charts with 1000 collaborators).

Sheet music history

Smart history

Track your version history with the automatic iteration saves, so you can easily check out previous versions anytime, and even revert with a single click.

Standard MusicXML and MIDI

Standard format

Our online music notation editor uses the standard MusicXML format giving you the opportunity to easily import your existing work and use it wherever you want.

All instruments you need to compose an amazing music score

All instruments you need

Create your own orchestra by using all available instruments of our online sheet music maker. Once your composition is done, listen to your work, and let the magic happen.

Compose by MIDI controller

Compose by MIDI controller

Plug your MIDI Controller to flat and get your music score written in real time. We give you the opportunity to write music even if you don’t know how to compose it.

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Connected with your Drive

Use Google Drive to get a quick access to all your sheet music from all your devices and share them easily.

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Increase your productivity

Using Google Hangouts you get the best of Flat and Google in one video-chat to get your productivity pleasure at its best.

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Teach music to your students - Flat for Education

Flat for Education

The greatest online music score editor is now available for your class with a dedicated version. Thousands of students and teachers are already using it, join them!

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